I am a clinical social worker who has been in licensed practice since 2006.  I completed my social work undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Texas and I am in the process of completing a PhD in Social Work at Smith College.  I currently have private practice offices in two locations in the state, New Haven and Guilford and hold clinical licensure in CT and MA. In addition to my private practice, I teach at the collegiate level, offer clinical supervision and consultation and am active in research and writing in the social work field.  I have also served in senior leadership roles in nonprofit community behavioral health  settings in the state of Connecticut since 2009 and currently work in graduate level education in New York City.

I have a history of working in a variety of clinical settings, including inpatient, residential and outpatient care in both Texas and Connecticut.  I have worked with  a variety of populations, including children, adolescents and adults, and have offered clinical support for mental health and substance use care. I have published journal articles pertaining to clinical supervision and include supervision and consultation as current  areas of study. I have also had experience in educational settings as an adjunct faculty member, director of field education and have supervised students in the social work field in community settings.


I primarily utilize a psychodynamic approach to inform my therapy practice, though I draw upon an array of therapeutic modalities to cater to the needs of each client served, including cognitive behavioral (CBT) approaches and skill sets associated with dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT). In addition to therapy practice, I serve as a clinical instructor  for the post-MSW fellowship program at Yale University, have held Associate Professor and Adjunct Faculty appointments at Southern Connecticut State University and have served as adjunct faculty at Smith College and Columbia University. I currently serve as the Director of Field Education at Fordham University. 



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